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January 21, 2014
A successful company is only as good as its employees and VLK Architects possesses some of the best People in the Architectural industry. VLK Architects is proud to announce that Tim Kunz and John Brooks, two highly regarded employees, were recently named Associate.
New Facilities Address Growth for College Station Independent School District Students Upon Passing of District Bond Package
December 3, 2013
College Station Independent School District’s vision of providing its students an improved learning environment recently became reality with the passing of the District’s $83.5 million bond package.
District Bond Package Improves Learning Opportunities For All Fort Worth Independent School District Students
November 24, 2013
Improved educational opportunities await students within the Fort Worth Independent School District upon passing of the district’s comprehensive $490 million bond package.
Passing Of District Bond Package Aims To Alleviate Overcrowding for Denton Independent School District Students
November 24, 2013
Students in Denton Independent School District look forward to a more personalized learning experience, with the passing of the District’s $312 million bond package.
New Elementary School A Reality For Mineral Wells Independent School District Students With Passing of District’s Bond Package
November 19, 2013
An enhanced learning experience within a new elementary school awaits students in Mineral Wells Independent School District, as voters recently passed a $25 million bond package.

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